SOM White Coat Ceremony: Students Describe What it Means to Put on Their White Coat

First-term student Paige Persaud received the gift of a lifetime at the recent St. George鈥檚 University聽香港二四六开奖免费资料大全 White Coat Ceremony: Not only did Ms. Persaud receive her white coat on her birthday, but she was coated by her aunt and mentor, SGU clinical instructor Dr. Deborah-Ann Stephens-John.

鈥淭his is a very special day for me because it鈥檚 also my birthday and I got my Aunt Deborah to coat me. She is the reason I wanted to get into medicine, so this is a very special moment,鈥 said Ms. Persaud, who hails from St. George鈥檚, Grenada.


It was an emotional moment for both Ms. Persaud and Dr. Stephens-John.

鈥淚鈥檓 super proud of Paige,鈥 Dr. Stephens-John said. 鈥淭oday brings up all sorts of feelings because 21 years ago on this day, I helped deliver Paige into this world and now I鈥檓 putting on her white coat. Growing up as a child Paige always said she wanted to be a doctor just like her Aunty Deborah. I鈥檓 here to give her all the encouragement and to see her dream come true.鈥



On October 20, Ms. Persaud, along with her fellow students in the Class of 2027, walked across the stage at Patrick F. Adams Hall during the milestone event that marks their entry into the field of medicine. At the end of the ceremony, students then recite the Oath of Professionalism鈥攑ledging to uphold the highest of ethical standards while treating their patients.

Hear from three other aspiring physicians on what it means to be able to wear a white coat.



鈥淚t鈥檚 a very surreal feeling being coated. I鈥檓 very proud of everything that I鈥檝e done, which I obviously didn鈥檛 do alone. It鈥檚 with the help of my family and my community and God鈥攖hat鈥檚 the reason I鈥檓 here today.鈥

鈥 Yousef Karabala

聽聽聽聽 Stockton, CA



鈥淚t was an honor to be coated by my stepmom, who鈥檚 a general surgeon from the Dominican Republic. It feels like all of my dreams are falling into place. I honestly can鈥檛 believe that I鈥檓 here right now. I still feel like the little girl that would dream of this very moment.鈥

鈥 Keegan Savage

Plymouth, MA




鈥淚t feels like I鈥檝e come full circle. I didn鈥檛 always want to be a doctor. Initially I went into business and that was lucrative, but it didn鈥檛 give me the fulfillment that I was looking for and the challenge that I needed. However, when I got the opportunity to attend SGU it felt like a sign pushing me in the right direction. And I know it was the right decision because I鈥檝e accomplished so much to get here and now, I鈥檓 at the starting point of my journey and I鈥檓 excited to keep going.鈥

鈥 Brook Yohannes




聽聽 鈥 Ray-Donna Peters

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